Spare parts

We have a stock of spare parts worth over 1 million Euro at our disposal.

Spare parts for both obsolete and new instruments are stocked.

In order to meet customers‘ demands as quickly as possible, we have also set up a stock in France and Italy
backed up by the central stock in Germany.

In addition, each service engineer has a small stock of the most commonly used spare parts in his car.

 Spareparts  Spareparts2

Our supply of spare parts is completely independent from the manufacturer! Certain parts can be repaired in our workshop. We are able to manufacture certain parts ourselves or have them manufactured, while others are standard parts – most of which can be obtained from several suppliers.

We have been able to carry out all repairs with no exception for the first 10 years of business – even in times of not being able to order spare parts from the manufacturer. Thus we can guarantee being able to supply spare parts.

We were often in a position to successfully repair an Instrument much quicker than the manufacturer was known to do. Over the years, we have also built up our own independent supplier network.

Due to the continual monitoring and planning of stock levels, we even have those components which are difficult to come by „on time“. This market analysis is becoming evermore important due to manufacturers „writing off“ their instruments sooner and sooner.

There has not been one single customer, whom we have not been able to help and there will not be any in the future!

Take us at our word!