Rheoservice GmbH & Co. KG

Rheo Headoffice… your „Laboratory Partner“ for service and support on Rheometric Scientific instruments as well as on the „Rheometric Series“ from the company TA Instruments.

Our services include maintenance, repair and support for all aspects of your instrument. We operate throughout Europe, or if wanted world-wide.

Service contracts for your instruments are available with a 48-hour response time!

In addition we have a comprehensive stock of spare parts – even for „obsolete instruments“! We are able to deliver urgently needed spare parts within 48 hours.

TÜV Cert ISO 9001DIN EN ISO 9001
Reg.-Nr. 73 100 1672-2


Our telephone support-line can be reached 24 hours a day on the number: +49 6035 914121.

Further information about our company and services can be found here on our homepage. This is also available in other languages – simply click on the respective flag on the right-hand side.