Rheoservice History

The company RHEO Service was started in January 1994 by Jochen Ziche, who had previously worked at Rheometric Scientific as European Service Manager.

Once the company was well-established, Markus Löbig, also a long-standing employee of Rheometric Scientific, joined the company on July 1st. 1997.

The year 2001 saw a change of strategy between Rheometric Scientific and RHEO Service with the signing of a contract for the latter to undertake service work on behalf of the manufacturer.

As a result of this co-operation, Rheometric Scientific officially handed over the French area to RHEO Service on April 1st. 2002. At the same time, RHEO Service were able to take on the two service engineers working in this area, Yves Gausson and Michel Depieds.

Christine Ziche is responsible for personnel, finance, accounting and administration. In addition, Jacquetta Löbig joined our team for the administration of the French-speaking area.

The Central European Area together with the service engineers Thilo Fechner and Marco Nesemeier were also transferred to RHEO Service.

As requested by many customers and due to the development of the two companies, an exclusive contract was signed on August 1st. 2002 and RHEO Service took over the service business of Rheometric Scientific completely.

Finally the UK area together with the responsible service engineer Brian Sweetman was transferred to RHEO Service on October 1st. 2002.

A well-equipped laboratory was opened on January 1st. 2003 to complement the office and workshop at the headquarters in Reichelsheim (Germany). This has further improved our service in the area of application. Moreover, spare parts can be tested and if necessary, adjustments made before shipment. Motors
and transducers can also be repaired here. Measurement to order is of course also available.

Bruno Roccaldo, also formerly of Rheometric Scientific, joined RHEO Service on January 16th 2003, thus completing our team of experienced service engineers and ensuring European-wide operation.