We will clean the complete instrument and repaint it. Wear and tear parts will be replaced. Oven blocks, switches and filters will also be replaced. The motor and transducer will get an overhaul. Further more we will test and calibrate the complete instrument. Your instrument will look and works like a new one after we finished our job.

The photos below are showing the same instrument as an example for “before” and “after” the refurbishment.

ARES before 1

dirty and defective oven blocks

ARES refurbish 1

New oven blocks

ARES before 2

Dirty Test Station covered with resin

ARES refurbish 2

Cleaned and repainted Test Station with new Switches

ARES before 3

Lower dirty Test Station with scratches and defective switches

ARES refurbish 3

Test Station after polish and repaint, new switches

ARES before 4

Dirty Motor before overhaul

ARES refurbish 4

Clean Motor after overhaul and polish

ARES before 5

Dirty oven with rust and scratches

ARES refurbish 5

New oven blocks

You may send the instrument to us or we will pick it up. We will charge the pick up service separately.
We need approximately between 1 and 2 weeks for the complete refurbishment.

The special package price for this refurbishment will be only: 12.000 Euro

This price includes 1 year warranty and the calibration. A further support guarantee of 10 years is also included. All types of spare parts are available. Please contact us, if you have further question.