ARES – Advanced Rheometric Expansion System

RHEO Service GmbH & Co. KG now decided to sell used high quality instruments of the type ARES (Manufacturer: Rheometric Scientific) under special conditions.

The instruments are rebuilt and they are offered with one year warranty. Part of the rebuilt is among other things the repaint of the instrument housing and the oven housing, replacing of the oven blocks, replacing of the power supplies and other wear and tear parts.

Price is reduced to only 30.000,- Euro for the base instrument.

Different types of transducers like FRT2000, FRT100 or 2k Bendix Spring are available for the same price achat vrai cialis.

Optional the Low Temp. Option (-150°C), air dryer and tools can be ordered.

This offer is only valid for orders until 31st of October 2013 or sold out.

For more information please contact us under:
or by phone: +49 (0) 6035 914121

 ares with frt  ARES with new oven blocks
 ARES with FRT  ARES with new oven blocks